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Finally, a decision has been taken for the new betting tips format for the betting tips next year in . The format was kept on hold for long in order to find a good solutions for the greatest cricketing event in the work ever since its start. The players wanted lesser matches to take care of the fatigue factor, but on the other hand the franchise owners wanted more matches, probably for revenues and more exposure. With 10 Onlinecricketbetting teams overall, the format was doomed to create more panic for players, as the matches had to increase. Today, the betting tips governing body has come down with a plan which deals with the same number of matches as before, and takes in to context all the 10 teams at the same time. The format will go as follows. Two groups, with 5 teams each. Each team will play its groups teams twice, i.e. home and away. Then every team in one group will play the 4 teams in the other group once, which will be either home or away. Also, every team in one group will play 1 team in the other group, but home and away. Which team plays the other team twice will be decided by a draw. Then, the top two teams from both groups, will play the semi finals across groups, the winners advancing to the finals. This way, every team will play the original 14 matches, as has been the case in the previous IPLs. If every team was to play each other both home and away, then a total 94 matches would have been played. Now, the format is limited to only 74 matches, 70 of which will be in the league phase. betting tips


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Regarding the player retention it has been decided that every team is allowed to retain 4 players, which can be a maximum of 3 Indian players. The players that can be retained must be a registered player of the  squad of the team. The auctions for the next year's betting tips will be taking place in this year November. The franchise and players must both agree on the retention agreement. As far as the two new franchises go, i.e. Pune and Kochi, both of these franchises can retain 4 players, which were not part of any of any of the original 10 teams in the  season. The total number of players in a squad can be no more than 30. Regarding the foreign players, a franchise can now have up to 10 foreign players in their squads, and can have now up to 4 foreign players field at same time. The limit initially was 3 players, which was a lot debated upon. The franchises are allowed to spend a total of $9 Million on its 30 players. If, a franchise decides to retain 4 players, it must spend $4.5 million on them. This would lead such a franchise to have $4.5 Million to be spent on the other 26 players. betting tips , will begin on April 7th, i.e. 5 days after the  Onlinecricketbetting world cup gets over. The betting tips  format has been reserved for the next 3 years of this Onlinecricketbetting competition. The only thing that we need to look forward is to see as to whether or not Pakistan players will be included in the next years betting tips. With the criticism of betting tips last year by Pakistani cricketers last year for non inclusion, to the Pakistan Onlinecricketbetting crisis which is currently underway the decision seems to be going nowhere. Although there are two new teams which have a total of 60 slots free, it seems like some Pakistani cricketers like Shahid Afridi will find their way in, but nothing can be said until the auctions take place in November this year.


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Onlinecricketbetting has gone through a strong metamorphosis, moving from the 5 day test match pattern to one-day internationals that give 50 overs a team and now, we are into an even more compact format of Onlinecricketbetting called T20 or twenty-twenty. The twenty-twenty format shrinks the game further to just 20 overs per team. The present T20 world cup is supposed to be held from 30th April to 16th May . In addition, we also have different competitive events like the Sharjah Cup, the Champion's Trophy and so on. Given the slew of cricketing events and the massive fan following they have it was only a matter of time before a sports entrepreneur decided to capitalize on this phenomenon and build one of India's largest sporting extravaganzas of all time. And India being a Onlinecricketbetting-crazy nation, the Indian Premier League, which is closely modeled on the hugely successful English Premier League found almost instant fan following. So, the first installment of the betting tips began in 2008, with 8 teams - Delhi Daredevils, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Deccan Chargers, Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore. The teams are essentially named after specific Indian states, and they are owned by different entities beginning with movie stars, media conglomerates, and industrialists and so on. There was massive media frenzy around the whole event as it started in early 2008, with international players, Indian players all up for grabs and a huge auction following it fun88.


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The teams were formed and the matches began. The model was interesting in more ways than one. First, players of the same country were being pitted against each other many-a-time. So, as far as the sport went, we could see the magic of Muralidharan along with the keeping of Dhoni in one team. As with seeing Tendulkar and Jayasurya bat on the same side! Secondly, the teams were all tied to different states or cities. So a Mumbai Indians match versus say Kings XI Punjab was played in Mumbai or in Punjab, and somehow the scintillation of watching a Mumbai team in Mumbai or a Deccan team in AP was brought out, much like how fans find watching Man U play at Old Trafford more enjoyable than any other Man U match! It even served to unite a state with the underlying theme being Onlinecricketbetting. So, while different teams won and lost at different times, the winner clearly was Onlinecricketbetting. At the same time, the whole franchise is valued at over $4 billion! And so, as is the case with any event that gathers instant stardom and is worth billions of dollars, this one found its controversies as well. Even the Beijing Olympics that were executed to inch-perfect perfection were not spared the controversy, from lip-syncing ceremony performers to instant shutdown of polluting factories. So how can this sporting enterprise be spared? So, IPL2 - the second installment was mired in controversy over security. The event clashed with General Elections in India and so security was of paramount concern. The Government requested the organizers to postpone the tournament till after the elections, but this was refused since apparently TV rights and slots had been booked. So amid a lot of controversy and hue and cry the tournament shifted to South Africa, leaving a disgruntled Indian Government and disappointed Indian fans in its wake ipl live score.

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